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How I improved my vision in 2 weeks


I am 38 years old. As far as I can remember myself I wore glasses. Before I started college my vision was - 2. I put glasses on and since that day they were stuck on my nose pretty much all the time. Later on I tried contacts.

Because of my work as an accountant, I my eyesight deteriorated even further. It went down to - 3. Swapping contacts for glasses and glasses for contacts didn’t help either... a vicious circle. The glasses made my nose bridge sore and I felt dizzy when trying to focus on objects. It gave me runny eyes, and on top of all of this, I got conjunctivitis. I was so sick of it that decided to go "under the knife".

To be or not to be - eye surgery?

It took me a while to get ready for the surgery, I kept putting it off and off, because I was very scared. The fear froze my brain and I was unable to take a decision. Yet, some friends from work tried to talk me off, mentioning a way to restore the vision without surgery. But for some reason I was not receptive, it all seemed so unreal. According to them, in 12-17 days you can dramatically improve your eyesight. But all of their recommendations fell on deaf ears.

Non-surgical restoration

One day, during the lunch break at work, having a cup of tea, I heard that my friends, while I was putting off the surgery, virtually regained full vision without operation. I was so obsessed with the idea of surgery that didn’t even notice that they no longer wore glasses.

Let me tell you more. A month ago, a friend of mine found online a way to restore vision "OptiVisum", which was widely recommended in the blogs. People posted very positive feedback, because it quickly helps restore vision. Also, OptiVisum is designed as therapeutic and prophylactic remedy, its development by the Israeli scientists required 8 years of work. After reading the reviews, they made up their minds and ordered. The order arrived quickly, cash on delivery. In the end, the result was obvious: the first lady had her vision improved from -2.5 to 1; the second from +1.5 to 1;the third from -4 to -1. They used it for just 15 days.

Scratching the back of my head, I thought, I had indeed nothing to lose, and I made up my mind. I ordered, and after 3 days the remedy was delivered in my mailbox.

And so?

To make it short, OptiVisum is made of herbs that help restore vision in just one course. I began to use the drops, in reality everything was easy enough, it took me no more than 2 minutes a day. Most importantly, I stopped to squint, which means that the risk of wrinkles around the eyes has gone down to a minimum. My eyes were not heavy and red at the end of the day. My vision was crystal-clear! I used the drops for about 2 weeks after which, I went for the eye check, and I was amazed to the core...

My vision improved from -3 to -1! A week later it was 0.7! My joy knew no bounds. As little as 3 weeks, from -3 to 0.7. Let me repeat it again - ONLY 3 WEEKS! I'm still shocked, I can’t believe how clear my eyesight has become, no floats, glare nor blur.

The doctors keep taking our money for surgery, glasses, contacts ... Why do you think my doctor didn’t recommend me to try the drops? It’s obvious, he would lose a customer.

I ordered the remedy on this website . This is the only certified dealer in our country. And the price is really amazing. At the moment they offer a discount. Decide for yourself whether it’s expensive or cheap, given the uselessness of contacts and glasses.

Guys, I hope you will find my experience helpful and you will restore your precious eyesight. If someone has already used this method, do share your comments.

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